In layman’s terms, it’s a partnership between you and a merchant… in this case, us!

Lets assume you have a rocking website that players visit, and you refer those players to either Mr or by placing our banners and adverts on your website.

Well for doing that, we’ll PAY YOU a percentage of the revenue we make from those players.

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VTBET88 affilite commission will calculate according the monthly net profit of Sports Betting, Live Vasino, and Slots. The commission is calculate as below,

Total win is deduct before calculating the bonus commission, Upline entitle the commission is based on downline loses amount.

Company total win:- total win 120000 and bonus 20000.
(120000-20000)* 35% = 35000 (Commission)

Monthly Active Member Net Profit Commission%
5 Active Member 0 - 19,999 25
20,000 - 199,999 35
200,000 - above 45

Lifelong Comission - no hidden fees, meaning more money in your pocket.
Month-to-Month - No Negative Carryover.
Sit back and get paid for the results.